Rover Dog Photo Changes for Book Inclusion - Grey Background Professional Dog Photography

Amanda Hedlund | 19 March, 2018

            Rover Dog Photo Changes for Book Inclusion - Grey Background Professional Dog Photography

Rover Book Dog Photography
Recently we've considered ending the Rover project due to a variety of challenges. 

However, because we recognize Rover is a very effective fund-raising and donor cultivation tool for animal rescues, we have decided to make a few changes in an attempt to make the project sustainable. 

1. We will only be able to travel to a community if a rescue and/or donor is able to round up a minimum of ten people who either make the required donation or pay the inclusion fee in advance. The fees or donation will be refunded in the unlikely event we are unable to capture a flattering image of the participant's dog. 

2. Creating a white background requires that we travel with a great deal of expensive studio equipment. The set up also requires a large amount of space. In an attempt to reduce the risks we incur while traveling and studio rental costs, new Rover dogs will be photographed with a grey background (much simpler set up) or in their home or outdoor environment. This will also add a bit of variety to the images in Rover. 

3. We will no longer be able to assume the task of cultivating new relationships with new donors for rescues. Doing so required us to spend several weeks in each community and that simply is not sustainable. 

The next Rover book, "The Barkington Edition" will be available in 2018

The Haute Dog Edition sold faster than any other Rover book due to the addition of 50 new retailers in 2017. We hope to add another 100 stores in the USA and other countries in 2018!

The latest edition of Rover is already sold out! We take great pride in knowing the Rover books have inspired many to welcome a shelter pet in their home by illustrating that healthy, smart, beautiful purebreds and mixed breeds are available for adoption in shelters everywhere. 

If you'd like to see your dog in the next edition of Rover, you have a few options:

See your dog on the cover of Rover
2. See your dog on one of three national covers when you make a donation of $50,000 to one of the deserving rescues we support. 

Pre-order discount
1. Barkington Edition will retail for $125.00. You can pre-order now for $75.00 with free shipping. 

We hope the inclusion fees will help to offset the extraordinary costs associated with publishing (e.g., printing costs, traveling to Asia for press checks, ocean freight, customs, packaging), marketing (e.g., advertising, providing books to prospective donors, rescues, media, etc.) and shipping (e.g., costs to customers and retail stores). 

We hope these changes will make the project more sustainable so we can continue to bring awareness to the homeless animal population.

Thank you to all of you who have enthusiastically supported this "one year project" during the last nine years. 
Andrew Grant & Amanda Hedlund