Photography Equipment to Photograph Dogs for the Rover Book

How dog photographers, Andrew Grant and Amanda Hedlund, captured the soulful and stunningly beautiful portraits in the Rover coffee table book 

Capturing the perfect expression to portray the unique personality of a dog in a single photograph takes some luck, an ability to compose quickly, creativity and a lot of patience. Capturing all this in stunning detail requires truly extraordinary equipment.

“I wanted to create images so lifelike it would appear that the dogs could leap off the pages and into your lap. Mamiya Leaf professional digital photography solutions allow me to capture virtually every hair and whisker. Those tiny details add a texture to the image and bring the dogs to life inside Rover.” - Andrew Grant

All images in Rover were captured on Leaf Aptus 17, Aptus-II 7 and Leaf Phase One Credo 40 high-resolution medium format digital backs on the Mamiya 645AFD II and DF+ camera systems for optimal color accuracy, stunning clarity and an unrivaled 12-stop dynamic range of tonal contrast.

The Leaf Aptus-II 7 captures in film-like quality images that rivals any capture device available in the industry. This 48mm x 36mm sensor offers 33 MP resolution sensor, with 7.2-micron pixel size. The Leaf Aptus-II 7 captures at 1.1 seconds per frame, with a CCD size of 6726 x 5040 pixels. Learn more about Leaf digital backs.

Here's just some of the gear Andrew travels with in order to capture the compelling Rover images of dogs.

The Rover dogs were lit with Profoto strobes and light-shaping tools that produce light that’s crisp enough to create texture, gentle enough to create shape and big enough to capture all the life reflecting in their eyes. The high-resolution images are suitable for extremely large prints, banners, point-of-sale displays and even billboards. Rover images may also be licensed for use on products including greeting cards, puzzles and more. Contact us for stock image purchasing information.