Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s - Commonly asked questions about having your dog photographed, dog photographer, Andrew Grant, the Rover coffee table book of dogs, rescues we support, fundraising and more

1. Will you include my purebred or "non-rescue" pet in Rover?
YES! All purebreds and mixed breeds, including those that weren't "rescued" are welcome.Since the goal of Rover is to raise money for rescue dogs and showcase the type of dogs available for adoption, most of the dogs in the book once lived in shelters or rescues. However, we also strive to convey the message that approximately 30% of the dogs in rescues are purebreds to inspire people to visit a rescue before going to a breeder or a puppy mill.

2. How can I get my dog in the next Rover book?
Make a tax deductible donation of $10,000 to one of the many deserving rescues we already support we'll photograph your pet include your pet in the next edition of Rover. Simply email us a photo of your dog to get started. A photo shoot will be scheduled at Andrew's studio. Additional travel fees may apply if you'd like to have your pet photographed in your home or at a studio near your home. Your pet's photo will appear on a page in the next edition of Rover.


Submit your favorite photo of your pet (e.g., dog, cat, horse, bird, rabbit, chicken, goat, etc., no reptiles) and we will retouch then include it on a page in the next edition of Rover for an inclusion and publishing fee of only $495 or when you make a tax deductible donation of $2,500 to one of the rescues we already support.

3. Will you include my cat in the book?
Several cats are featured in Rover. However, it's very difficult to photograph cats in the studio so it may not be possible to capture a compelling shot. However, we're willing to give it a try if you're willing to make the generous donation to a rescue if we capture a shot you love.

Alternatively, we will feature your favorite photograph of your cat (or any other pet other than reptiles) for an inclusion fee of only $495.

4. How can I see my dog on the cover of Rover?
See your dog on one of three national covers when you make a tax deductible donation of $100,000 to one of the rescues we already support.*

See your dog on the cover of all the books you order (no minimum or maximum) when you make an additional tax deductible donation of $10,000 to one of the rescues we already support or for a customized cover fee of $2,500.

*A national cover is to be approved by Andrew Grant as we only select three dogs to grace the national covers to sell at fine retailers. Andrew has every right of refusal to decline a dog to be on the national cover. You may purchase a custom cover with your dog featured on all the books you order.

5. I don’t own a dog, but I would like to help a rescue. How can I help?
You can sponsor a dog(s) currently living in an animal rescue by having him or her photographed by Andrew and included in the next Rover book. The rescue is permitted to use outtakes from the shoot to promote the dog and increase his or her chances of getting adopted quickly!

6. Can my pet go in Rover for free?
Our goal is to raise money for rescue and inspire people to welcome shelter pets into their home by working to overcome the lingering shelter pet stigma. Each time we discount or give away a page in the book that's less money raised for rescues as we will sell out the entire book. Therefore, we can only include a dog for free as a way to thank people who have made extraordinary efforts to help advance our cause or selected at a Casting Call event. We also include sponsored homeless pets in the book as a way to beautifully illustrate that healthy, smart, beautiful and unique purebreds and mixed breeds are available for adoption everywhere across the country.

7. Can my dogs share a page in the book?
No, only one dog per page. There is a required donation in the amount of $10,000 for the first dog and $5,000 for each family dog thereafter.

8. How can I include a loved one's dog in the book as a gift?
Including a loved one’s dog or cat in Rover is a truly extraordinary and unique gift opportunity. Contact us to learn how to get started. Many donors have made arranged to bring a loved one's dog into the studio and later surprise the dog's caretaker with a copy of Rover featuring their dog. The Rover book is also a wonderful gift for pet lovers of all ages!

9. What if you are unable to photograph my dog or cat?
Your donation will be refunded in the unlikely event Andrew is unable to capture a compelling portrait of your dog. Please note, we've never had to refund a donation as Andrew has photographed well over 1,100 dogs during the last ten years and has been lucky enough to capture a variety of flattering shots for all participants. However, occasionally it may be impossible to photograph a skittish dog or an animal that is very afraid of the large camera or studio strobe (very rare). Please advise us accordingly if your dog cowers when a camera or camera phone is pointed in his or her direction or if your dog is very afraid of lightning, etc.

10. When will you be setting up a studio in my city?
Please contact us for travel dates as our schedule is ever changing.

11. Where will my dog be photographed?
Andrew will photograph your dog at his studio in Couer d' Alene, Idaho. We will photograph your pet in your home or at a studio near your home for an additional travel fee. Please allow two hours to set up, two hours for the shoot and one hour to tear down. Contact us for more information about travel fees, dates, etc..

12. Will I be able to participate in my dog’s photo session?
Yes, you will be able to watch as Andrew photograph your dog. During the photo shoot, you will be able to view the shots on a monitor and work together with Andrew to select the image(s) that will be used in the Rover dog book.

13. How long will the photo shoot for my dog take?
Andrew is generally able to capture the shots he needs for the book in approximately one hour. Sometimes he's able to capture the shot we need for the book in just minutes, sometimes it may take two hours to get a compelling and sharp shot.  You and Andrew will review the photos during your dog's photo shoot and work together to determine which shot will be used in Rover.

14. What should I bring to my dog's photo shoot?
First and foremost, please bring your dog’s favorite treats if there are any dietary restrictions, concerns or preferences. We obviously prefer non-pungent treats which can be easily broken into small pieces without crumbling apart. Please also bring water and a portable bowl, a couple toys, leash, collar and brush or comb to ensure your best friend looks great for the photos. Please also ensure your dog has a healthy appetite.

15. Can I use the images for prints to display at home?
Yes, Andrew will retouch and prepare a file for output for a fee of per image. You can have your dog's photo sized and framed to your specifications. We do offer framed art in a 32"x32" frame, interior image is 24"x24" with a shadow box mat. Click here to order print images.

16. What is
We do far more than just produce a coffee table book of dogs. Our goal is to help reduce the homeless pet population in America primarily by helping raise money for effective and deserving rescues with comprehensive spay & neuter programs. We do that by bridging relationships between generous donors and deserving rescues. We absorb all of the costs associated with donor acquisition and do most of the necessary marketing, networking, etc. for overwhelmed rescues that lack the resources necessary to effectively cultivate those donors. We also provide rescues with a unique and extraordinary opportunity that can be used as a tool to engage existing and prospective donors in their community.

We also work hard to overcome the lingering shelter dog stigma by beautifully illustrating that healthy, smart, loving and unique purebreds and mixed breeds are available for adoption everywhere. We hope all of our efforts inspire people to welcome a shelter pet into their home. Finally, we strive to educate people that spay and neuter programs are vitally important and should be the focus of all pet rescues and shelters. Simply put, it's the only way to effectively reduce and ultimately eliminate the homeless pet population on a long term basis.

17. Which organization will benefit from my donation?
We support approximately 25 rescues across the country. Before supporting an organization, we first meet with the director and tour the facility during a vetting process. We primarily support organizations with comprehensive and effective spaying and neutering programs already in place. Please see the list of existing shelter partners here or contact us with the name of the animal organization you would like to support.  Once qualified, you can make a donation directly to your preferred organization.

18. How can Rover benefit my favorite animal rescue?
Please contact us to learn how can raise money for your animal rescue or shelter. Please note, we will have to vet the organization before advocating for donations. This will typically require a site visit and an interview with the director or the organization.

19. Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. We will connect you with one or more of the deserving rescues we support across the country to direct your donation. RoverWorks does not provide acknowledgement of donations for the purposes of tax deductibility. Please consult your tax advisor or we will connect you with the Executive Director at the benefiting organization. Alternatively, you can make a non-tax deductible contribution to to help us continue our efforts to inspire people to welcome shelter pets into their home and introduce generous donors to dozens of deserving rescues. 

20. How is my donation used?
You will make a donation directly to one of the 25 different rescues we support across the country. The rescue you choose to benefit will use your donation for spaying/neutering and homeless animal rescue efforts. In order to offset some of the extraordinary costs associated with producing, designing, printing, packaging, shipping and marketing Rover and the costs associated with donor acquisition, spay and neuter campaigns, studio rental fees, travel costs, casting calls, advertising, public relations and programs designed to inspire a shelter pet into their home, etc. we at times charge the participating rescue a fee for the photo shoot events. Fees are greatly reduced when the rescue can assist us in reducing operational costs including travel, accommodations, studio rentals, etc..

21. Is a non-profit organization?
No. Although the work we do and our goals are similar to many non-profits, we are not a 501c3 organization. We direct all of our client's donations directly to effective and deserving pet rescues and other organizations. We typically do all of the work needed to cultivate relationships with pet advocates and absorb all of the donor acquisition costs. We do all this to achieve the primary goal of bridging what often become lifetime relationships between generous donors and deserving and effective rescues that live on long after Rover.

22. Is Rover to the Rescue the same as
Yes, we changed our name to in 2015 to better describe the suite of services we now offer to rescues and shelters.

23. Do you bill rescues for directly donations to them? 
There are costs associated with virtually any fundraising effort (e.g., catering, venue rental, advertising and promotion, etc.). We also charge a fee for our services (e.g., donor cultivation, event management, marketing, photo shoot, including donor’s dog in book, etc.) which are designed to attract new donors and engage existing donors by offering the benefiting organization a unique and exclusive fund raising opportunity. There are extraordinary costs associated with producing Rover (e.g., production, printing, packaging, ocean freight, customs, trucking from port, warehousing, fuel and accommodations during production,, studio rental, studio gear,, shipping, processing fees, marketing, promotion, etc.). Therefore, we are forced to charge the benefiting organization a fee for the photo shoot and the page(s) in the book to offset those costs. However, fees can be commensurately reduced if we are able to perform multiple photo shoots in a short period of time at the same location which thereby reduces our studio rental fees, travel costs, etc. We require that the participant makes a donation of $10,000 directly to the benefiting organization to have their pet photographed and included in a page in the book. An additional donation is required for additional pages, personal custom cover, national cover, etc. While the benefiting organization may offer the package to the donor for more or less - our fees do not change. This enables the benefiting organization with the ability to secure a larger donation from generous donors when possible while not incurring any additional fees for our services. Alternatively, the organization may offer the package to a valued existing or to attract a prospective donor. Finally, the benefiting organization may offer the Rover package at an auction. However, we strongly recommend offering it as a "flat fee item" as opposed to an auction item as multiple packages will be purchased and the winning amount will vary greatly.

24. When will the next book be completed?
It takes an extraordinary amount of time and energy and travel to photograph approximately 500 dogs. Andrew typically spends approximately two hours with each dog. Preparing proofs takes another one to two hours. Add another one to two hours to retouch and prepare each of the 500 images in the book. Finally, designing the layout of the book, each page and the covers takes several weeks. It takes approximately two years to produce each edition of Rover.

We expect the next edition of Rover, The Collective Works Edition", to be published by December of 2022 barring a severe disruption in the supply chain or other unforeseen events.

25. Where is Rover available?
Rover is available for direct purchase at and other fine retailers. Contact us for more distribution locations.