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    How a dog photographer's coffee table book of dogs grew into a full-fledged rescue effort

    The RoverWorks.org mission

    RoverWorks.org is rooted in the belief that small actions can make a big impact and that the combined efforts of many people can lead to significant change. We believe this to be true because Rover itself is the result of a small action. It was a small action that became a book, which then became a brand that animal-lovers rally around. And now it has become more than a brand, but a call to action and a banner for change. From one small book to a full-fledged rescue effort — we are RoverWorks.org

    When Andrew first decided to produce Rover the goal was simple. Raise money for and bring awareness to rescues by producing a coffee table book of dogs and donating a portion of the proceeds.


    It didn't take long to learn that we wouldn't be able to raise a meaningful amount of money if we partnered with a publishing company as only a tiny percentage of book sales are donated due to their extraordinary fees and production costs. The decision was made to self publish Rover to maximize the amount of money that could be raised.

    After Rover was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, it became clear that pet lovers were eager to make a generous donation to a deserving rescues to have their dog photographed and featured in the next edition of the book. That program helped to generate donations of over one million dollars to over 25 organizations across the country. More importantly, we've been able to allow great organizations to use the very unique and extraordinary Rover opportunity as a vehicle to engage existing donors and attract new donors. We're very proud that we've bridged countless long lasting relationships between incredibly supportive donors with rescues who do wonderful work in their community.

    We're now in year six of what was originally envisioned as a one year project. Our goals have evolved and expanded.

    The RoverWorks.org Mission
    Reduce the homeless pet population by supporting organizations with effective and comprehensive spay and neutering programs.

    Provide pet lovers with a fun and easy way to immortalize their dog while helping homeless pets.

    Help rescues decrease their donor acquisition costs by connecting generous donors with deserving and effective rescues that live on long after Rover.

    Provide rescues with a tool they can use to engage existing donors and attract new donors.

    Provide rescues with platforms and events where they can share their achievements, programs, challenges, needs and goals.

    Increase adoptions by overcoming the shelter dog stigma by illustrating that healthy, smart, beautiful and loving mixed breeds and purebred dogs are available for adoption at shelters and rescues across the country.

    Convey the crucial role spaying and neutering plays in reducing the overall homeless pet population crisis in America.

    Identify, share and implement innovative and effective operating, marketing and fund raising strategies.