YOUR pic. YOUR pet. In Rover!

Have your favorite photo of your best friend published in a page in Rover!

It's a great way to honor your pet, or memorialize one you've lost, while helping a rescue pet. Team up with your best friend, save a life, be a hero!

Simply submit a photo of your pet (e.g., cat, dog, horse, bird, chicken, rabbit, goat, no reptiles) and we will retouch and prepare your image file for inclusion on a page in the next edition of Rover.

All for an inclusion fee of $500 (per page) or when you make a tax deductible donation of $2,500 directly to one of the many deserving rescues we already support. Rover has already generated over $3,000,000 in donations to deserving rescues and bridged countless relationships between generous pet lovers and pet shelters which live on for many years.

Please know,some technical (e.g., must be a large enough resolution for proper printing on a 11" x 11" page in Rover), copyright and subjective creative requirements apply. We reserve the right to deny any submission for any reason (your inclusion fee will be refunded within 2 business days).

Please submit a photo of your pet on the form below or email

We will email you a proof of the final image(s) before going to press. We expect the "Collective Works Edition" of Rover to be published and available in December of 2022 barring any severe supply chain disruptions.

Add $1,500 to see your pic of your dog in the first 25 pages of Rover.

Add only $400 for a second page for an additional family pet.

Add $2,500 to see your dog on all the books you receive with a personalized cover. The entire dust cover jacket, including the front, back, spine and flaps can be customized with personal or business information, graphics, photos, etc. if you'd like to distribute copies as promotional items to existing and prospective clients. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Add $35,000 to see your dog on one of the three national covers (or make a $100,000 donation to one of the rescues we already support)

Contact us for pricing for additional customization.

Limited spots available! 

FAQ's regarding the Rover: Collective Works Edition

Need help snapping the perfect photo of your pet?
Check out Andrew Grant's tips for photographing your pet! 

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