Rover - Future Edition | See Your Dog in Rover!

Or make a tax-deductible $10,000 donation directly to one of the rescues we support across the country! Contact us to move forward with the donation option. 

Honor Your Pet + Save a Life + Be a Hero! 

  • Soul-warming dog photography by Amanda Hedlund & Andrew Grant.
  • 11''x11'' hardcover coffee-table book.
  • Over 500 single images of dogs (and a few cats).
  • Ideal gift for all types of pet-lovers.
  • Raises awareness and financial support for animal shelters.

  • Immortalize your best friend while helping rescues
    Dog photographers, Andrew Grant and Amanda Hedlund, will schedule a photoshoot with your best friend(s) to be featured on a page in the Rover coffee table book of dogs. All purebreds, mixed breeds and rescues are welcome!
    Contact us to determine when we are in your area. 

    It's simply the best gift for dog lovers
    Give the pet lover in your life an extraordinary and unique gift they'll never forget and always cherish. Arrange a photoshoot to have a loved one's dog photographed and included in Rover. 

    Make the experience extra special by including their dog on the cover of all the books the receive - add Custom Cover to the shopping cart. It's the ultimate luxury gift for the pet lover in your life for Valentine's Day, Mother's day, Father's day, Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries and more!

    ***Diva Dog Warning***
    Some dogs have been known to develop diva-like behavior and been hounded by the pawparazzi after being featured in Rover!

    * Additional travel fees may apply.