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Honor Your Pet. Save a Life. Be a Hero!

Every year MILLIONS of cats and dogs enter shelters in the USA. An estimated four million pets are euthanized every year. That’s one death every eight seconds. Those stats inspired the production of Rover - a beautiful coffee table book of heartwarming and soulful portraits of dogs in stunning detail. A timeless tribute to man's best friend that continues to raise meaningful money for rescues.

Our goal is to reduce the homeless pet population in America. That's best achieved by raising money for deserving pet rescues - especially those with an effective spay & neuter program. We also photograph cats and dogs while they are living in a homeless shelter and feature them in Rover to illustrate that healthy, smart, beautiful, unique and loving purebreds and mixed breeds are available for adoption at rescues across the nation.

We provide generous pet lovers, like you, with a unique and extraordinary opportunity to honor and immortalize your beloved pet in a museum-quality coffee table book when you make a donation directly to one of the many animal rescues we already support. Our efforts have already generated over $3,000,000 in donations to pet rescues and bridged countless relationships with donors and shelters that often live on for years.

Portrait of YOUR pet. In Rover!

We will photograph your pet in our studio in Couer d' Alene, Idaho (or at a studio near your home for an additional travel fee) and feature him/her on a page in the next edition of Rover for an inclusion fee of $2,500 or when you make a tax deductible donation of $10,000 directly to one of the deserving rescues we already support. Limited availability.

ALL dogs, including purebreds and those not rescued, are welcome!

Reserve a studio session & page in Rover

Your Pet on a Book Cover!

Can your pup deal with the Pawparazzi? Put your dog on one of three national book covers for a studio and cover fee of $35,000 (includes 2 pages in book) or a tax deductible donation of $100,00 directly to one of the rescues we already support. OR see your dog on a customized and personalized book cover for only $2,500.

Contact us to get started!

Save a Life. Be a Hero!

We will photograph a homeless pet residing in a rescue and include him/her on a page in the next edition of Rover when you sponsor a pet with a contribution of $500. Choose 2 or more in the quantity section to sponsor several homeless pets.

Your donation enables us to illustrate that healthy, smart, beautiful purebreds and mixed breeds are available at shelters. In addition, the rescue will be able to use the shots to help facilitate adoption and feature in their organizational marketing free of charge.

Help a pet get adopted - $500
Photograph of a little blue bird on a finger

YOUR pic. YOUR pet. In Rover! $500

NEW!! Have your favorite photo of your cat, dog, horse, bird, horse, llama, alpaca, duck or even chicken published on a page in the next edition of Rover for $500. It's a great way to honor your pet or memorialize one you've lost while helping a rescue. Only a limited number of pages are available.

Honor Your Pet. Help a Rescue!

Our Mission Statement is rooted in the belief that small actions can make a big impact and that the combined efforts of many people can lead to significant change. We believe this to be true because, Rover itself, is the result of a small action. It was a small action that became a book, which then became a brand that animal lovers rally around. And now it has become more than a brand, but a call to action and a banner for change.

From one small book to a full-fledged rescue effort — we are

Mission Statement

Photographing Your Dog

After photographing over 1,100 dogs since 2009, Andrew has some tips that will make photographing your pet a bit easier to capture your pet's unique personality and a high quality shot for the new "YOUR pic YOUR pet" offering.

Tips: How to photograph your pet

Rover Media Coverage

Many thanks to all of the media outlets which have supported our efforts to raise money for pet rescues.

Rover Media Kit


Museum quality, signed, photographic print of the portrait Andrew captured of your pet your dog mounted in a timeless 32" x 32" black wood frame. We will send you all the available proofs, retouch your selection(s) and have it professionally printed, mount it and ship it directly to you. Order here!

Additional signed, limited edition, framed prints captured by Andrew & Amanda while traveling the country producing Rover is also available at

Article | Blinded by Compassion

How Idealism and Misguided Compassion is Killing Millions of Pets - by Andrew Grant. Photograph (right) one of the many homeless pets Andrew photographed while touring and benefiting animal shelters across America.

Read Andrew's op-ed

Be heroic!

Be heroic!
Small actions lead to big impact! There are many ways you can raise money and bring awareness to rescues. Collectively, our efforts will help countless cats and dogs find a loving home. Learn more about the brand and how you can help pet rescues.

How we help rescues

Book publishing & web design

Andrew has been self publishing several editions of Rover since 2009. Contact us if you need helping designing and/or printing your soft cover book, hard cover book, catalog or brochure.

We also offer web site design services.

Book printing & web design

Give a good dog a good home ad campaign

We encourage rescues to use a positive, uplifting message focusing on companionship and humor to compel people to welcome a rescue pet into their home and overcome the "shelter dog" stigma.

Funny poster campaign

Rover: BE KIND. by Ellen Edition!

We are proud to announce our partnership with the The Ellen DeGeneres Show BE KIND Box. We created a smaller custom version of Rover: The "Be Kind by Ellen Edition" is only available through this exclusive limited-edition box while supporting global conservation for endangered species through The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund.  Learn more at

Ellen Unveils the Newest BE KIND. by ellen Box!

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