Sponsor a Homeless Dog and See Your Dog in Rover

Sponsor a Homeless Dog

**Choose 1 or more in the quantity section to sponsor several homeless dog(s).**

My original vision of Rover was a book filled entirely with homeless pets to illustrate that healthy, smart and  beautiful purebreds and mixed breeds are available for adoption everywhere. 

Please help us include more homeless pets in Rover by sponsoring one or more for $2,500.00 each.

For existing donors: We also will include an existing photograph of your dog in the book to thank you for your support! We’ll even consider including a photo you’ve taken of your best friend if that’s your preference (subject to various requirements).

Make Your Best Friend a Cover Dog! 

See your dog on the covers for all the books you order. Whether you order 1 book or 50 books, your best friend will be on every copy of Rover.

Include Your Dog(s) in the Next Edition of Rover

If you’d like to see your dog in the next edition of Rover, and make a donation to a rescue, please contact us regarding the rescues we support. You may also make a direct payment (non-donation) for inclusion in the next book.

We will travel to your community (for new shoots) when a minimum of 10 dogs are committed. 

Rover dogs can now be photographed with a grey background or in their home/outdoor environment.

If your dog(s) have already been featured in Rover and you'd like to see them in the next edition, you may choose the Existing Photo Inclusion option. You can include the existing photo selected in the previous edition or select a new image from the proofs on file. Contact us if you need the proofs resubmitted. 

Photo Inclusion