Book Publishing & Web design services

Web design services
We offer a complete suite of services that make it easier for you to launch your website including photography, logo creation, graphic design and website design. Visit DwellDekor,

Soft cover book, hard cover book, brochure and catalog design & printing services

Andrew has been self publishing Rover, a large museum quality coffee table book of dogs, since 2009. The 500 page, 11” x 11”, hardcover has raised over $2 million dollars for deserving pet rescues across the country as have been featured on Ellen DeGeneres multiple times.

We are often asked, “how can I get my book printed?” Which is why we offer a full suite of publishing services to help you get your softcover book, hardcover book, coffee table book, catalog or brochure printed inexpensively, quickly and easily.

Publishing services include:
-Text and artwork layout
-Image retouching and enhancement
-Color management
-ISBN, Library of Congress Number, Bar Code, etc.
-Finding the best printer for you in the USA or overseas
-Package design
-Freight (including ocean freight)

Contact us for more information about how we can help you get your book published.

Rover is a 11” x 11” 500 page hardcover with a dust cover jacket. Andrew has self published several editions of Rover since 2009. Visit
Be Kind by Ellen DeGeneres commissioned Andrew to publish 10,000 copies of a smaller, 84 page, 8” x 8” version of Rover for Ellen’s subscription box. Hard cover with dust cover jacket.
8" x 8" 72 page soft cover catalog with soft touch matte lamination for a tacky feel.
6” x 9” 168 page bound soft cover for money manager, Bill Gunderson.