FAQ's for Rover: Collective Works - Your Photo. Your Pet. In a Book.

1. Can I include more than one pet in the book, or photos with more than one pet?
You are free to enter as many pets as you would like. If submitting more than two pets, please send your images directly to We ideally would like one image of a pet per page, however, we may allow multiple pets in one image. Please email us for review.

2. Can I enter a photo showing an adult or child with a pet in the image?
No. We would like the book to remain just pets.

3. Can I submit a photo of our deceased pet?
Yes, and in fact we encourage you to include him or her for the book. It would be a wonderful tribute.

4. Do I have to be the guardian of the pet whose photo I want to submit?
You do not have to be the guardian of the pet; however, you must be the owner of the submitted image, and you will be required to obtain a signed release for the pet(s) shown in your photo. It makes for a wonderful gift for the animal-lovers in your life!

5. Can I email you a photo?
Yes, please submit your image(s) to

6. Can I participate even though I do not live in the United States?
Yes. We can accept images to include worldwide – however; if you wish to order books, you will be responsible for shipping, postage, customs and any additional fees associated with delivery.

7. Is my submission payment tax-deductible?
No, not for this particular submission program; however, it will allow us to continue our fundraising efforts for animal rescues across the country when we set up the studio and photograph dogs and pets for the original Rover book. We have raised over $3 million for rescues and will continue this program with the white background editions.

8. Can I hire RoverWorks to photograph my dog or pet in a studio?
Yes, we will set up a studio near you when you make a $10,000 donation to one of our partnering rescues.

9. What pets are included in this new Rover book? 
We are accepting image submissions of all pets including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, goats, raccoons, etc. Sorry, but no reptiles. 

10. When will the book be ready?
We expect Rover Collective Works will be published and available in December of 2022 barring severe disruptions to the supply chain.

11. Can my pet go in for free?
No. Our goal is to raise money for pet rescues. If we offer a page for free, that reduces our ability to help support spay and neuter efforts.